There Are Numerous Types Of Coffee Mugs

There Are Numerous Types Of Coffee Mugs

With well over half of the adults in the US drinking coffee daily, there is a tremendous demand for custom coffee mugs. As a result, industry has devised many different ways to hold this favored beverage and there are many different shapes, sizes and materials available.

The most common materials for coffee mugs are stainless steel, glass, ceramic or porcelain and plastic. Each of these materials has their own unique benefits and mugs made from these materials have the advocates and followers. When you multiply the various materials that mugs can be made from by the number of sizes and shapes that are available and the resulting number is mind boggling, there are literally an endless number of combinations.

Coffee mugs made from ceramics are a perennial favorite, especially for use in the home. Mugs made from this material can be beautifully decorated and add class to the breakfast table or charm when entertaining. Although they have this level of sophistication, they are fragile and can break or chip quite easily. Ceramic mugs rarely come with covers so they are not a practical choice as a travel mug.

Plastic and stainless steel are often found together in many Custom Coffee Mugs. The outer vessel is made from stainless with a plastic inner liner. These mugs are the favorite for traveling as they have a lid with a formed spout which allows the user to drink the beverage without any chance of spilling. In many cases these types of travel mugs are insulated which keeps the coffee hot for extended periods of time. With a stainless steel exterior and plastic interior these mugs are almost indestructible and can be used for years.

A normal serving size for coffee is 12 ounces, the same size as a can of any soft drink. There are many variations though as there is no given standard, many are made to hold 20 ounces or more.

There are endless variations when it comes to the shape of a coffee mug. The basic shape of course is little more than a cylinder with a handle but they are made concave and convex, tall and short, with and without tops. The one common denominator is the handle; they are always comfortable and easy to hold.


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