The Versatility Of Ladies’ Cardigan Sweaters

Cardigans are sweaters that are open in the front. Some of them have a few buttons, but cardigans that are completely open and have no buttons are becoming more popular. Ladies’ cardigan sweaters are very fashionable and can be worn with ease to formal events or just for casual wearing.

A Brief History Of Ladies’ Cardigan Sweaters

Cardigan sweaters became popular after the Crimean War, because they were named after the major general who led the charge of the Light Brigade. Although the term “cardigan” at first referred to knitted vests, it eventually came to describe the sweaters worn by college students in the 1920s. Over the next several decades, it waxed and waned in popularity. Today, ladies’ cardigan sweaters are widely worn, and they come in many different sizes, styles, designs, and colors.

What Are Ladies’ Cardigan Sweaters?

Ladies’ cardigan sweaters are knitted garments, which makes them ideal for wearing in the fall, early spring, and winter. Unlike other sweaters, which are usually buttoned all the way up, pulled over the head, or zipped, cardigans are open in the front. Although they usually have one or more buttons on the bottom, some cardigans are completely open in the front. This makes them very useful as attractive fashion accessories, because you can wear one that corresponds with the color of your favorite shirt. A white or black cardigan will go with just about anything, so you can wear it over a fancy shirt or dress to a formal event, or you can just throw it over an everyday blouse or T shirt to dress up your casual look when it is a bit chilly or when guests are over.

Things To Consider When Buying Ladies’ Cardigan Sweaters

-What will you wear it with? – Making sure your cardigan will match the shirts you already own or are planning to buy is very important.
-Where will it be worn? – When you buy a cardigan, consider where you will be wearing it, especially if it is of a bright color or pattern. Will you be wearing it out at formal events, or just at home or at close friends’ and family’s houses? You may want to consider buying two different cardigans: one for casual and one for formal wear.

-What size do you wear? – Although cardigans are designed to be somewhat loose and flowing, buying one that is too big is still a fashion mistake. On the other hand, buying one that is too small will look unbecoming. Knowing what size you wear before you buy a cardigan is important so your cardigan is comfortable and flattering to your body shape.

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