In Search of the Best Cigar Lighters

by | Sep 22, 2015 | Shopping

Do you enjoy a great cigar every now and then? If so, you’ll want to invest in a good lighter. There’s no greater tragedy to a cigar smoker than to light up a fine smoke and taste the stench of a burned match or a cheap lighter. It won’t cost you an arm and a leg to buy a descent lighter and here are some shopping tips for cigar lighters, you may find helpful.

Don’t Buy a Cigarette Lighter

Cigarettes and cigars do not have the same kind of tobacco. You can use just about any kind of lighter for a cigarette. However, a fine cigar needs a very hot flame this can only come from the best cigar lighters. In fact, some of these lighters actually have two or even three flames. This will give you the best experience from your cigar.

Torch Lighters

A good torch lighter will generate an intense flame. Plus, it burns butane, and this is the cleanest kind of lighter fuel. You won’t experience strange odors from the flame. Here are some excellent selections of budget friendly cigar lighters.

Lotus Black Label – The Rebel

Black Label by Lotus is a well respected name in the field of cigar lighters. These lighters come in an assortment of colors like dark gun satin and chrome, and dark gun satin with copper. Each lighter has a two year warranty and a rubberized grip. The flame is windproof so it’s fine to use your lighter out of doors. Plus, it’s very easy to operate, as the ignition is single action.

Blazer Evo Lighter

The Blazer Evo is one of the most affordable cigar lighters you can find today. In fact, at present it can be purchased for under $20. Even though it is a re-fillable butane lighter, it has the classic shape of the flip top lighters of old. It features two torch flames which are wind resistant, and because the flames are blue, you won’t accidentally burn yourself. Plus, if you need a cigar punch, this lighter has one built-in.

Colibri Eclipse

Who says you can’t buy a finely made Colibri cigar lighter for under $40? The Colibri Eclipse is affordably priced and offers a most unique shape. It features the famous no flint, no electricity powered ignition of the expensive Colibri cigar lighters, and is available in eight different colors. Plus, since it is a Colibri, you can depend on it time and time again.

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