The Benefits of a Photo Booth Backdrop

by | Aug 13, 2018 | Shopping

In the 1800s, portrait photographers would make use of a hand-painted photo booth backdrop either in their studios or carried to the location of a shoot. These would often depict exotic gardens, scenes from nature or lavish architectural interiors using trompe-l’œil—a painting technique that uses optical illusions to create the impression of a 3D space. These backdrops were exceptionally popular for use in studios to create an interesting background without the need for building a bulky and expensive set, and which could be changed quickly for different subjects. However, once handheld photography became more widespread the use of backdrops waned in popularity, and by the mid-20th century, their use was restricted mostly to photo booths.

An Enduring Feature

In modern times, open-air photo booths are rising in popularity for use at a wide variety of functions such as parties, weddings and even commercial events. You can choose a photo booth backdrop from a vast number of colors and styles or even have one custom-made. From solid colors to geometric designs and even traditional scenery, the options are endless, and you can be sure to find a photo booth backdrop for your photos that will perfectly match the theme of your event.

In addition to different imagery, photo booth backdrops are also available in a wide variety of materials, from simple linen or velour drapes to sparkling sequins and other exciting textured designs, such as pintuck and scales, or even satin rosettes. A photo booth backdrop will usually be around 10 foot high to ensure that it will always cover the entire background of the photos. Using a photo booth backdrop means that your photographer need not be concerned with the background of photos as their subjects have already positioned themselves in front of a great backdrop; this means they can focus on just taking a great photo.

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