Finding the Right Ninja Gear for You

Finding the Right Ninja Gear for You

Over the past few centuries, ninjas have grown to the status of a fearsome warriors from the past who have many stories or legends surrounding them. Ninjas often use tricks and disguises to make themselves seem supernatural and able to accomplish even the most challenging feats. Primarily, they are most often recognized for the completely black ninja gear which often covered everything except for their eyes. Although many of the true stories of ninja warriors were expanded and exaggerated, the legendary ninjas became something that many people still work to recreate, and every child dreams of becoming one.


True ninja gear is completely black and is traditionally called ninja-yoroi, also known as ninja armor. The main pieces of a ninja’s wardrobe is his or her black jacket followed by a pair of black pants and light sandals. A hooded cowl covers the head and is essential for disguising your face. Make sure that any ninja clothing that you buy is made of a breathable, but heavy material that has great reviews from previous buyers. Ninja gear also usually included a light armor beneath their jackets so you may additionally want to research padded armor vests.


There are primarily three weapons that ninjas are known for using, and these include short and long swords in addition to ninja throwing stars. Today, the most common weapon that characterizes what a ninja would have carried are ninja swords, also usually black. Finding an expertly constructed ninja sword is important for a good ninja interpretation because a warrior without a great weapon is no warrior at all. Additionally, it may be a wise investment to consider purchasing ninja swords to truly complete a set of ninja gear.  for a wide variety of katanas and short swords, and take time to read the details about each weapon that you consider.

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