Strawnilla: A Delicious Pre-mixed Vape Flavor

Strawnilla: A Delicious Pre-mixed Vape Flavor

If there were ever two flavors that were destined to be together forever it would be strawberry and vanilla. The sweet and tart of strawberries mixed with rich and creamy vanilla is a difficult treat to resist. This irresistible combo appears in just about everything from candies to candles, so it’s no surprise that strawberry and vanilla has become one of the topmost desired flavors for eJuice.

Nicoticket is a top quality eJuice manufacturer that has created the perfect blend of these two iconic flavors in the form of a fantastic eJuice called Strawnilla.

Strawnilla Tastes Great Anytime

Rounded without being overly sweet, this amazing flavor is robust enough to provide a rich, satisfying vaping experience while still managing to encapsulate fresh, fruity notes that are not overpowering. Some vaping enthusiasts will mix Strawnilla with another specialty, Frenilla, for added levels of decadent vanilla flavor. Although some vaping enthusiasts are experimenting with mixing this amazing eJuice in various combinations, this eLiquid truly stands on its own two feet as a legendary “must have eJuice” in your flavor arsenal. On the steeping front, I found this liquid to be perfectly vapable fresh out of the mailbox – but – a healthy 4-6 week steep takes this liquid from WOW to amazing.

Premium Strawberry e-juice/e-liquid

Nicoticket’s eJuices are made from pharmaceutical-grade materials and manufactured to extremely high standards in regulated laboratory conditions. The use of an authentic strawberry ejuice flavor by Nicoticket which has been subtly blended to give a taste which is as close to the real thing as you’re likely to get without buying a box of fresh strawberries from a farmers’ market. The vanilla element of the eJuice is created from a steeping process that soaks vanilla beans for weeks in order to achieve suitable flavor strength – the results are truly spectacular and unlike anything I have ever tasted. Great care is taken to ensure that just the right amount of each ingredient is used. Not only is the liquid good, but the consistency between batches is outstanding – I’ve never gotten a bad bottle from Nicoticket.

It’s Not all About the Flavor

No eJuice can make it on the market without extensive testing to see if it not only tastes great but is also suitable as a vaping choice. It’s important to confirm there’s no scorching or burned taste, even when the last few drops of eJuice are being used up. Generally, the longer you leave it to steep the better it gets, but even fresh from the bottle it still tastes spectacular.

Nicoticket prides themselves on making irresistible and unique eJuices and eLiquids which can’t be replicated anywhere else. They take some of the most popular flavors we know and love and transform them into a vaping experience that is both modern and nostalgic. Whether you’re new to eCigarettes or are an experienced vaper, once you’ve sampled Nicoticket’s wickedly indulgent products, it’s almost certain that you will go back for more.

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