Selling Gold Means Doing Homework

Selling Gold Means Doing Homework

The price of gold has skyrocketed in recent years due to economic uncertainty, which makes it a valuable item to sell. Gold dealers in Dallas that are reliable and will give you the best quotes are usually established jewelry stores and some pawn shops. Be sure you know the difference between a pawn shop and second hand store before you go to sell gold in Dallas. A pawn shop actually pawns items and is licensed and regulated. A second hand store is not, and you may lose out.

If you want to sell gold in Dallas, you need to be sure that the stuff you have is actually gold. Once at a local jewelry store, a young man came in trying to sell what appeared to be his wedding ring. The jeweler glanced at it and said, “I’m sorry sir, but we do not by silver here.”

The man insisted that what was in his possession was white gold, and not silver. The jeweler treated him with respect, and took the ring from him to inspect it. It was a matter of protocol and respect; the jeweler could tell just by looking at the band that it was made of silver. After glancing at it and playing with it in the light for a full minute, he said, “I’m sorry, sir. This is not white gold. This is silver. Take a look.” On the inside of the band was a marking, which the young man squinted his eyes at, which established that it was Zirconia silver. The man left, red faced with embarrassment.

Before you go to sell gold in Dallas, make sure that what you have is really gold. If you look at an inscription on the inside of a fold ring, you will usually find that it is marked in terms of karats, so you may see markings such as 14k, 16k, and 18k. If the letters RG or GP appear, that means that most of the piece is not gold and it probably is not worth very much, if anything – it’s basically costume jewelry. If it isn’t marked at all, it is also probably costume jewelry, but in some cases you probably do not want to make that assumption and should probably take it in to a jewelry store to have it evaluated.

Don’t try to sell gold in Dallas to men who operate from the trunks of their cars, from expos in motel rooms, or other obviously shady enterprises. Your best bet is going to be going to a jewelry store, which will likely offer the best quote, especially if your jewelry has aesthetic value and can be resold as it is.

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