Reasons to Wear Real Madrid Away Jersey 2013

Reasons to Wear Real Madrid Away Jersey 2013

Real Madrid is one of the most elite soccer clubs in the world, bringing together fantastic, world class players from all different nations and teams in the world. Be in vogue this sporting season of pivotal soccer games with a Real Madrid Away Jersey 2013. Here are some reasons to wear this jersey as a Real Madrid fan.

Choose Your Style

Home jerseys are usually less vibrantly designed than away jerseys. Home jerseys are usually simply white with black neck collar and sleeve border hems. Away Jerseys, in contrast, can be green with white stripes or black with electric lime green stripes. Goal keeper jerseys can be black with red stripes or red with black stripes. The design for a Real Madrid Away Jersey 2013 is fairly standard, but the colors can differ.

The design is typically a solid color in the body of the jersey with horizontal stripes stretching along the length of the shoulders from collar to halfway down the sleeve. The chest of the jersey will of course have the Real Madrid logo emblazoned and stitched on it, but the logos of sponsors such as Adidas and bwin are also commonly on the fronts.

Depending on the weather in which you will be wearing the jersey, you can choose long or short sleeve jerseys of varying thickness of material as well.

Get Festive

If there is one thing the Spanish culture is about, that is the joy of life and festivity. The perfect way to celebrate the upcoming soccer sports season, with high profile events such as the UEFA Champions League and the FA Cup Final, is to wear a Real Madrid Jersey. You can bond with other fans of Real Madrid, whether you are watching with a bird’s eye view from the stadium or watching the games on television at a sports bar with friends. Even if you are cheering them on at home in the privacy of your living room, wearing a jersey will help you feel more connected to your team.

Real Madrid houses some of the best soccer players in the world, and you can identify with them and turn heads by wearing the jersey with the name and number of your favorite player on the back. A Real Madrid Away Jersey 2013 can have the name and number of Brazilian striker Ricardo Kaka (8), Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo (7), or Turkish youngster Mezut Ozil (10) on its back.


Real Madrid Away Jersey 2013

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