Purchasing Certified Loose Diamonds – What you need to know

Certified loose diamonds are sold by jewelers at local jewelry stores. These are diamonds that have gone through a rigorous sorting process. They have then been separated and sorted accordingly and then placed through the certification process. This certification process typically takes place at a gemological laboratory. The certifying labs include EGL, AGS, and GIA and they are able to properly certify loose diamonds according to the pre-established industry standards.

Considering the Carat Weight

When it comes to buying certified loose diamonds in Chicago, it is important to take the carat weight into account. This will be the singular most determining factor of the price of your loose diamonds. In addition, the carat weight will also determine the size of the loose diamond you are purchasing. Consulting with your local jeweler regarding the carat weight will go a long way towards helping you get the best certified loose diamonds in Chicago for your needs.

Which shape to select

The most popular type of shape you can select when it comes to buying certified loose diamonds is the round shape. This is the shape that will be most likely chosen by the majority of shoppers however there are also many other options available to choose from. It is important to note that the shape of the diamond can affect the overall price. Round, brilliant loose diamonds will always cost more than certified loose diamonds of other shapes.

There are many different factors which go into choosing certified loose diamonds in Chicago. It can be hard to make the very best selection without knowing all of the facts about the diamonds you are considering. Take the time to consult with the local jeweler so that they can answer any questions you may have about the certified loose diamonds they have in stock.

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