Expert Tips on How to Sell Your Gold Jewelry to a Retail Jeweler in Chicago

If you are seeking to sell your gold jewelry quickly and safely, then the easiest way to do it is to sell it to a retail jewelry store. This will net you the cash that you are looking for with no hassle at all. Just follow these tips from the experts, and you will be getting money from a top-rated jewelry buyer in Chicago in no time at all.

Is Gold Bought Separately?

The first thing that you will want to look for is a jewelry buyer in Chicago that has a separate gold purchasing protocol. This ensures that they have gold scales and will pay you strictly for the gold and necessarily the jewelry itself. This will get you the most amount of money in most circumstances.

Check Their Reputation

This can be most easily done by checking the reputation online. There will be a plethora of online review sites that provide verified reviews from legitimate customers. If a store has a reputation for lowballing their customers or being difficult to work with, they should obviously be avoided.

Avoid Store Credit

Unless you already have firm plans to purchase another piece of jewelry, you should always avoid taking store credit instead of cash. While the credit value may be much higher than the cash value offered, you will still end up leaving the store with no cash and just another piece of jewelry.

Just Say No

Don’t be afraid to shop around and hold out for the top-rated jewelry buyer in Chicago. If you are not comfortable with an offer that is made, simply say no and take your jewelry elsewhere.

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