Options In Aluminum Cake Pans

by | Nov 23, 2018 | Shopping

For a baker, having the right cake pans to create the exact shape and size of cake for any occasion is an important part of their supplies. Finding a top wholesale supplier, like N.Y Cake, provides home bakers and professional bakers alike with a top selection of anodized aluminum cake pans that are durable, long lasting and offer the quality to create beautiful cakes.

Shapes and Options

The basic shapes of aluminum cake pans include round, square and rectangular. The depth of the cake pan, as well as the diameter or size, is always a factor to consider. Most of the pans will be two or three inches in depth regardless of the size. These two depths are ideal for creating layers in any shape, or in creating a single layer or sheet types of cakes for any occasions.

Sizing Options

By purchasing aluminum cake pans in a wide variety of sizes, bakers can have the pans they need readily available. Buying round, rectangular and square pans from the same company ensures that cakes produced from these pans will have the same proportional dimensions, which means they can be stacked and used together without having to trim or reshape.

Pricing Considerations

By using a wholesale bakery supplier, it is possible to get a great price on any number of pans. Typically, with these types of supplier the higher the number of any one type of cake pan purchased, the lower the cost per pan.

For home bakers, talking to friends and neighbors before placing an order and ordering more than one can help to drop the price considerably. Additionally, top companies offer free shipping with minimum value orders, which is another way to save money and get professional quality and grade aluminum pans for all your baking needs.

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