The Many Benefits of Screen Print in Kansas City

by | Oct 26, 2018 | Cloting

With many printing options available today, consumers may be confused as to which best meets their needs. One option that remains popular today is screen print in Kansas City. Why is this the case?


Thanks to the thickness and composition on the inks used in the screen printing process, the final product can withstand a great deal of stress. No loss of quality is observed with frequent use, which is a concern to many. Other options may fade or peel with time, but these concerns are eliminated when this printing process is selected.


One benefit of screen printing is that it provides vibrant colors. Other printing techniques simply cannot replicate this vibrancy. While other techniques may be used to provide fine details, they simply cannot compare to this option.


Customers find they can use this method for orders of any size. As the quantity increases, the price tends to decrease. However, most people don’t use screen printing for smaller orders. This is due to the process used to fabricate the screen. It is time-consuming, which can make small orders too costly. However, larger orders benefit greatly from using this print option.

Easily Usable

A person can create a screen print by hand or with a machine, as the process doesn’t change. The tools remain readily available also, so this technique isn’t going to be obsolete in a short period. Sadly, this has happened with other printing technologies, leaving companies scrambling to find a replacement.


Consistency across marketing materials is of great importance. Due to this, many companies choose screen printing over other printing methods. The screen printing process is appropriate for all flat surfaces, including wood, metal, and plastic, so marketing materials all appear the same regardless of where they are used.

If you believe Screen Print in Kansas City is the right choice for your printing needs, contact us. The team will be happy to discuss your order and determine if that is the case. If not, other options are available. The goal is to provide each customer with a product they love and want to use regularly. A customer should never accept anything less.

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