Molle Vest: A Vest for All Needs

Molle Vest: A Vest for All Needs

The success of failure of any tactical operation has as much to do with one’s equipment as it does with the choice of weapons and strategy. In fact, this is just as true in the world of competitive Airsoft as it is on the real battlefield. One of the most functional items that one can employ what is known as a Molle Vest. While the term may be a bit unfamiliar, these vests are often seen to be worn by soldiers, members of a SWAT team and other tactical units that are known for their rapid deployment and skill sets. Let us examine these interesting accessories in a bit more detail.

Carry is Key

One of the first aspects of these vests is that they are nearly universal in nature; that is, they can handle a wide variety of demands from the wearer. This load-bearing vest can be worn either inside or outside of one’s clothing and it contains a number of loops that will accommodate numerous pouches and accessories. Some of these can include:

1. Weapons magazines
2. Flashlights
3. Radio equipment
4. Identification badges
5. Maps

Many of these vests also have a pouch fitted on their reverse side that can be used to carry liquid such as water or an electrolyte drink; key when on long journeys or in hostile environments.

Sturdy and Reliable

A Condor Outdoor Molle tactical vest is constructed out of a stiffened mesh nylon. This key feature will enable it to be both lightweight and form-fitting. Additionally, the mesh characteristic allows for a breathable aspect that is essential in hot climates. So, it appears that this vest is perfectly suited for military use. However, Airsoft players can make equal use out of these features

As mentioned previously, it can contain maps and identification badges that are both ideal for team play. It will also help protect the body against any hits that may be incurred should one be caught out in the open (although the chances of bodily injury from an Airsoft gun are indeed slim). Thankfully, there are a number of versions, sizes and variety of these vests available and they are a perfect addition to any Airsoft enthusiast’s arsenal.

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