Is There A Difference In Cigarette Papers?

by | Dec 24, 2015 | Cigar Shop

For many smokers having the ability to blend different tobaccos and choose different flavors of tobacco makes having a cigarette a much more customized experience. With two options to make your own cigarettes, choosing the right supplies becomes important.

The two options for making your own cigarettes include using traditional types of cigarette papers or using cigarette tubes and a machine. Both can provide a great tasting, well-formed smoke that is customized to your taste, flavor and smoking preferences.

For a variety of reasons, some smokers prefer to roll their smokes by hand rather than using the machine with the pre-formed cigarette tubes, which are available with filters and in different types and sizes. The custom rolling experience produces a non-filtered cigarette

Choosing Papers

There are different factors to consider when choosing papers for any type of tobacco. One of the most important is the actual thickness of the paper, which has a very big impact on the rate of speed that the smoke will burn.

It may be surprising to some, but the thinner cigarette papers produce a slower burn for the cigarette for several reasons. The biggest reason is that the thinner paper is designed to allow more air into the mixture, which provides a more consistent and uniform burn. Also, the paper burns faster than tobacco, so with less paper there is a slower burn.

The thinner the paper the more difficult the rolling process will be. For those just getting started consider a medium-weight paper to learn the technique, then move to a fine or extra thin paper.

Sizes and Options

There are several different options in paper, including those made with all-natural products such as hemp. Most of the top companies offering cigarette papers will provide customers with a range of different sizes of papers, perfect for rolling larger or smaller smokes based on your preference.

Gummed paper is also important when getting started with rolling your own custom cigarettes. There are some papers available that are not gummed, and there is a technique for rolling these and creating a tight, even burning cigarette that comes from a lot of patience and practice.

For your smoking enjoyment, a few companies now offer cigar wraps by the box. These are perfect if you want to try your cigarette rolling techniques on pipe or cigar tobacco and cut down on the costs of cigars and cigarettes.

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