What To Know When Visiting A Diamond Jewelry Buyer

by | Dec 31, 2015 | Jewelry

One of the most valuable things that many people are left with after a failed marriage or failed engagement is a diamond ring. In some cases, people collect beautiful diamond jewelry for most of their life, only to realize that they have a lot of stunning pieces that they never actually wear. When a person needs money, or when they realize that they just don’t need to keep hanging on to old diamond jewelry that never gets used anymore, they may want to go see a local Diamond Jewelry Buyer.

The way that a diamond is evaluated by the diamond buyer can vary greatly depending on the specifics of the stone. While the metal setting for the diamond may have value itself, that metal may not be the most significant value when it comes to diamonds. The gold, platinum, or other metal in which the diamond is set will be melted down in most cases, and that metal does have a value of its own. However, the diamond is often the star attraction of any jewelry piece. While most large diamonds are worth more than their smaller counterparts, that is not always the case.

The diamond will be judged based on four different characteristics: Cut, color, clarity, and karat weight. The karat weight refers to the size. The cut refers to not only the shape of the diamond but also the way that it refracts light. This is usually a direct result of the number of facets that a stone has. Some stone cuts, for example, princess cut, may be worth more than an emerald cut if the cut is deemed better able to show off the stone’s fire. The clarity refers to the damages (or lack of damages) in the stone. The vast majority of natural diamonds have some type of flaws in them. These flaws detract from the stone’s value, but if they are not visible to the untrained eye the value loss is lower. Finally, the color refers to the actual shade of the stone. The highest value stones are totally color-free, and the lower value ones are brownish yellow.

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