Gifting Loose Diamonds in Chicago

by | Sep 21, 2012 | Jewelry

Diamonds have long been one of the most coveted and traditional tokens of love, affection and devotion, but that doesn’t mean that you are restricted to the classic when it comes to offering these precious stones as gifts to your beloved. When it comes to diamonds, Chicago has a seemingly endless array of premade jewelry that would, of course, make truly amazing offerings. Truly unique, however, are the loose diamonds in Chicago that really create the most unexpected and incredible gifts.

When you present a loose diamond, or several loose diamonds, as a gift you are affording yourself and the recipient the ultimate in control over the beauty and quality not only of that individual stone, but of the piece of jewelry in which it ultimately ends up. This is because you are actually selecting the specific stone, not a category, not a concept, but the stone itself. Before you dive into shopping, however, some research could help make the process much easier. Just like you would if you were shopping for a piece of jewelry that was already made, you are going to have to think about the quality of the diamond that you are looking for—and that means thinking about the Four C’s—cut, clarity, carat, and color.

There is no one single occasion that is appropriate for gifting diamonds. Any day of the year you could make up a reason to give someone you love a loose diamond. Of course, a proposal or a special anniversary are always popular choices for bestowing diamonds, but imagine how surprised she’d be if instead of presenting her with a ring you offered her a specially chosen loose diamond to create her own ring. Perhaps you chose for her a stone in a special, meaningful cut, or maybe you want to be creative so you chose a rare colored stone. You could even purchase several diamonds and offer them either on the same occasion or at several points so that eventually she has a collection that she can turn into a fully customized piece of jewelry.

You are really only limited by how creative you can get regarding your gift of loose diamonds. However you decide to offer them, and whatever configuration they end up being used in, you will always know just how special they are—especially because they belong to somebody so special to you.

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