Symbolize Your Love with a Custom Engagement Ring

Symbolize Your Love with a Custom Engagement Ring

There is an old saying that people have repeated for eons – “it’s the thought that counts.” The thought behind a gift is what truly matters. The gift may be as exquisite as diamonds or as seemingly unimportant as a rock, but if the gift is from a loved one, you definitely look at the intent behind the gift.

The engagement ring is a symbol of intent to marry and undying love and devotion. Even more can be said, though, with an engagement ring. How? By creating a custom design!

There are multiple ways to go about creating a custom ring. If you’re a half way decent artist, you could take the time to draw the design so that the jeweler can create something truly unique. Or maybe you saw few engagement rings and would like to create one that has something from each of these designs?

From there, you can choose which type of metal you thing would be best. There is a variety to choose from. You will want to take into account a few things such as the size of your loved one’s hand, whether or not they tend to wear a lot of jewelry, and their skin complexion. Different colored metals will look better on different skin tones. Some people look better in yellow gold than they do in white gold or platinum, and vice versa. Then, there are those that look fabulous in rose gold or black gold, as opposed to the traditional yellow or white gold. If your girlfriend doesn’t wear a lot of jewelry, it could be for multiple reasons. She could be accident prone and have a history of breaking her jewelry, in which case this needs to be considered when choosing a setting. You would want to choose a setting that protects the diamond, or other stone, as much as possible. Another reason she might not wear a lot of jewelry is because it feels heavy on her, even the lighter jewelry. You will want to take this into consideration and chose something that will be comfortable for her to wear on a regular basis.

The next thing to thing about is the stone. Will you chose a diamond? If so, what color diamond? Will she prefer a white diamond, or perhaps she’d like a yellow or pink diamond? Something that can add a lot of meaning to a ring is the fact that certain colors symbolize certain things. Pink and red symbolizes love and passion. White symbolizes purity. Green symbolizes family and stability. There is a lot you can say with just the color of the stones you choose.

When you’re ready to declare your undying love, follow these simple steps to show your loved one the depth of your love. The ring you choose will speak volumes to her!

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