Experience Different Types of Helicopter Services

by | May 26, 2014 | Furniture

When most people think of a helicopter ride they envision a rapid trip to the hospital due to an emergency. It is true; helicopters are used to life flight people to get medical care. There are many other purposes for helicopters, as well. They are great for taking tours of New York City and seeing all of the spectacular sites. You can also charter a flight to reach destinations such as Manhattan, the Hamptons, and Martha’s Vineyard. They are also perfect for a quick NYC airport transfer flight to and from airports, and other locations. Of course if you are going to use a helicopter service you need to plan ahead as much as possible.

Helicopter Charters: Travel Outside of New York in Comfort

When you schedule a NY helicopter charter, you are going to be traveling in the lap of comfort. Spacious helicopter cabins are equipped with heat and air so your trip is as comfortable as possible. Just sit back in a lush seat and enjoy the view. The flight itself takes less time than driving and gives you a much better view. This is one of the best ways to travel outside of New York, no matter whether you are traveling for business, or vacation purposes.

Helicopter Tours: Experience New York City from the Air

Now you can enjoy a view of New York City that is a true treasure. A helicopter tour takes you directly to famous sites that are remarkable. Since helicopters fly lower than planes, you will be able to see details that are not discernable from the ground. You can even take your camera and snap tons of pictures of yourself while on a helicopter tour. Of course take pictures so you can show other people, a helicopter tour itself is simply unforgettable.

Helicopter Transfers: Helping People Reach Their Destinations Fast

When you need to save time and money, schedule a helicopter transfer for your next connecting flight in New York. Helicopter airport transfers keep you from wasting time trying to drive to the airport. Traffic conditions change often and can be unpredictable. A flight certainly will not wait for a passenger that is running late. You can make sure you reach your flight on time by taking a helicopter. Most trips are an average of ten minutes; this is for most locations in New York City. Whether you are taking a transfer flight for corporate, leisure or executive purposes, hiring a helicopter will make sure that you arrive on time.


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