CrossFit Gear: What You Need and What’s Nice to Have

When it comes to CrossFit training, everyone will have different needs regarding their gear. However, there are some general items that will be required for successful training, while others are just nice to have along with you. Learn more about what you need and what is nice to have here.

What You Need for CrossFit Training

The Proper Shoes

There are now shoes that are designed specifically for those who participate in CrossFit training. These shoes are able to meet the requirements of several different activities. They provide durability, stability, cushioning and comfort for wearers. Due to their unique design they are not a recommended option for any dedicated runners, but provide the ideal amount of support for any cross-training enthusiast. When you shop for your shoes be sure to look for ones that are specifically for CrossFit training.

Hand Care

If you train hard, hand rips and calluses are bound to happen. However, you do not have to let these issues bring a halt to your training. You can shave down the calluses and use a protective and healing product, such as 3 Phase Skin Reinforcement System, to help protect any areas of broken skin. This will keep you working out, and avoid serious infections or pain.

A Quality Jump Rope

You may have the misconception that any jump rope will do for your cross training. When you purchase a high-quality, well-made jump rope you will be able to complete more difficult moves, such as double-unders, with ease.

CrossFit Training Equipment that is Nice to Have

Knee High Socks

The knee high socks that you see most CrossFit trainers wearing are not just a fashion trend. These socks will protect your shins from a number of different movements that may potentially cause pain. While you can opt to wear a pair of pants during training, these socks help you remain agile while protecting your skin.

Hand Grips

A great way to avoid rips altogether is to purchase a high-quality pair of hand grips. These simply slip on your hand, protecting your skin while on the bar. Additionally, they are much faster to use than tape, saving you time and energy in the process.

If you love CrossFit training, having the right gear is essential. Use the information here to ensure that you are equipped with everything you need for an effective workout.

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