DIY Closets – Simple Tips & Tricks You Should Know

DIY Closets – Simple Tips & Tricks You Should Know

Installing and organizing your own closet is a rewarding task.  Not only do you better know your own habits, and desires, compared to a professional organizer, but with DIY closets you will feel a sense of accomplishment every time you open the closet doors.

Tips and Tricks for DIY Closets
When organizing your closet on your own, you have all the freedom to make use of your creativity and imagination.  This makes you more resourceful to make use of more economical materials that will not hurt your pocketbook and better quality materials that will yield a better long term job.    Individuals that install their own DIY closets, will not only obtain a better end result but will also have a tremendous sense of pride and enjoyment while constructing their own closets.

The following are some important tips for a practical DIY Closets project of yours:

Determine the Most Common Things You Wish to Put in Your Closet
There are people who make use of their closets as storage while others use them as an alternative to a dresser. Take time to categorize all the items you wish to put inside as this will help you maximize the space of your closet.

Maximize Your Closet Space and Protect Your Possessions
If you are using your closet for storage purposes, make sure all your things are kept in proper places to obtain the maximum storage.   Slim line hangers will condense pants and shirts into a smaller area.  Plastic bins and garment bags can protect your expensive garments from destructive pests and insects. Finally hidden jewelry compartments should be considered for your DIY Closets project.

Keep Everything Out of the Closet to Properly Store Clothes
If you intend to use your closets for storing clothes, then your DIY Closets procedure should include taking everything out first.  This will give you the chance to decide what items need to be discarded, and how much space you need for all of the items you have categorized that you will be keeping. Additionally everything should be arranged by length and size and  hangers and shelves should be sized before doing the actual  design and installation.


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