Are second hand luxury watches a good investment?

Are second hand luxury watches a good investment?

People love the finer things in life, like jewelery, diamonds and wine among others. One of the most sought after items are watches. Luxury watches are expensive, and only those with a passion for fine watches and money, can afford to acquire them.

An expensive watch speaks of class. Everyone might not be able to afford authentic watches, hence there are second hand, cheap luxury watches available.

Lets face it. Buying a second hand luxury watch in prime working condition is a lot better than buying a fake. After all, second hand watches are still the real thing. You will definitely not compromise on quality, and what is more; you will be paying a lot less for it.

Here are some buying tips

Firstly, it is necessary to have some prior knowledge about fine watches and their prices. You must also know how to tell apart a fake from a real watch. If you are not careful, you can get mislead easily into buying a fake watch over the internet.

Buying a watch off an auction

One of the best ways to find a luxury watch is on an online auction. Here again, you will have to be absolutely certain that you are buying the real thing.

Once you have zeroed in on your preferred watch, take a photograph of it; jot down the serial and model number and consult your most trusted jeweler. After you have confirmed that the watch is authentic, then you can think about bargaining. Do not forget to collect the certificate of authenticity.

There is absolutely no shame in buying a used luxury item. After all, a second hand authentic item will last more than a fake. The owner might sell his used watch to make way for a new one. It does not mean that there is a defect on it. Sometimes older watches may fetch higher prices as they get older.

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