A World of Choice when it comes to Eco-Drive Watches in Colusa, CA

A World of Choice when it comes to Eco-Drive Watches in Colusa, CA

Diamond Palace brings you feature-packed Eco-Drive Watches in Colusa, CA. Eco-Drive wristwatches by Citizen have titanium lithium-ion batteries that are charged via a solar cell placed behind the front dial. The batteries are not affected by constant charging and discharging catering for long life (up to 8 years). The genius behind the watches is if kept in a dark place for an extended period, hibernate mode is automatically engaged where the hands stop moving while at the same time maintaining track of time. When brought to the light, the hands activate again. Below are some of the watches available under the Citizen Eco-Drive range.

Ladies Silhouette Bangle

This Eco-Drive Silhouette Bangle watch has a gray-toned dial that looks impenetrable by light – but it is. Dial design is simple while elegant, comprises of a 12 o’clock hour indicator and brand with broad hands for the hour, and minute. The design is meant to create a combination between a bangle and a bracelet. The steel casing contains bangle-like segments and a bracelet with removable links for adjusting size. This watch offers both comfort and style in a single unit.

Limited Edition Eco-Drive Satellite Watch

Citizen has built into the watch a system that manually connects with GPS satellites giving you the exact time wherever you are in the world. Previously, watches with this functionality connected with radio signals from atomic clocks. However, not all areas are covered by atomic clock technology. With this satellite watch, you only need to tell it to connect to a GPS satellite and voila, you have the correct time.

Citizen Proximity Bluetooth Watch

This is a completely analog piece with the capability to connect wirelessly with your iPhone 4s or 5 with Android capability coming soon via Bluetooth 4.0. Once connection is established, the watch will notify you of incoming emails, phone calls, notification of calendar events as well as when you lose connection. The alerts come in the form of subtle vibration of your watch. The synchronization range for this watch is 10 meters.

Other Citizen Eco-Drive Watches in Colusa, CA include the underwater range. All Citizen Watches in Diamond Palace Jewelers have a 5-year limited warranty.


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