Tips For Making DIY Closet Systems

People will live for years with a messy closet, not knowing where anything is and subjecting their clothes and personal items to unnecessary abuse. However, sooner or later they realize the mess must go and they set out to design and install DIY closet systems. The organizer can be made from various materials which you can purchase, cut and fit or you can buy closet organizing kits which are sold in many DIY and department stores. The kits are easy to assemble although in some cases the components will have to be cut to size to fit the shape and size of the closet. The system you elect to use is all based on your DIY skills, if you tend to be all thumbs, a kit is great; however, if you have some carpentry skills you can often build an attractive and workable system from scratch.

The best way to begin your DIY closet systems installation is to accurately measure the closet and then determine the storage requirements. Based on the measurements, make a sketch and pre-determine where the various elements will go. If the system is for a pantry, the entire closet will probably be fitted with shelves of various depths, if the system is being designed for a clothes closet in the bedroom it will be something different. In the bedroom you will want a combination of rods, shelves, hooks, shoe racks, drawers and perhaps tote bins. If the closet is large enough many people install a full length mirror on the back of the door and perhaps a tie and belt rack. Once you begin looking for the necessary DIY components, the sketch can be modified to suit what is available.

Before you leave the house, you should set a budget for your project. High end materials such as hardwood will cost more than soft pine or spruce but may actually provide more value as hardwoods are stronger, more attractive and they are resistant to bug infestation and water damage. One of the choices made by many is cedar which adds a wonderful aroma to the closet.

One feature that is often overlooked in DIY closet systems is lighting. Even though you now have an organized closet, you still have to see in it.

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