5 Essential Tips When You Feed Your Baby Solids

5 Essential Tips When You Feed Your Baby Solids

Feeding your child solids for the first time can prove challenging. Read on to know a few essential tips for spoon-feeding solids to your child.

Pick the right time

If your baby is tired or cranky, that’s not a good time to try and spoon-feed solids for the first time. A tired baby isn’t going to be in a mood to try out new things, Mom 365 says.

Watch out for her signals

If your baby has had enough, then he’s going to start turning his head away when you bring the spoon to his mouth. He may even close his mouth or seem distracted and will much rather play than eat. When that happens, then you know mealtime is done.

Provide a variety

Introduce your baby to new flavors, textures and tastes. If you aren’t as imaginative with food as you would like or don’t have the time to try out new recipes, you can always order from a delivery service for fresh baby food in Westchester County. That way, you can still provide your baby with a variety. That’s going to open up his taste buds to a wide range of tastes, so he won’t grow up to be a picky eater.

Do your homework

Make sure you order fresh baby food in Westchester County from a reputable delivery service. Check out the firm’s background. How long has it been around? What kind of options are available? Knowing these things will help you decide if you’re buying from the right food delivery service or not.

Check out reviews

Customer feedback is another way to get a gauge on the firm. Is there a lot of positive feedback? Are many of the customers happy with the quality of the food and service or is it the opposite? Factor those in before you decide.

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