What’s New @ Shoptrendy

What’s New @ Shoptrendy

Remember that special back-to-school outfit? Whether we went to public school or private, donned the latest fall trends or gussied up our plaid jumpers and preppy sweaters; updating our wardrobe for fall is second nature. We at Shop Trendy have found five sure-fire trends essential for that 2014 look.

Leopard, Leather and Suede. Oh My!
The good news is animal prints are still making a showing and this fall we’re seeing the fast felines: leopard and cheetah. We’ll be looking for these prints to mix and match with more classic pieces, adding a little animal instinct to a typical classic look. And we won’t go wrong with anything leather or suede: shorts; skirts in mini, midi or maxi length; and of course skinny jeans.

Knit, Knit, and More Knit!
Knits are in, and boy, the softer the better! Bulky knits in tweedy palettes or graphic, high contrast knits in chic silhouettes are ruling the season. Knitted leggings, knit dresses, cabled crop tops and asymmetrical wraps matched with high-rise riding or ankle-length Nehru boots are the current rage.

A Nod to Pop Culture.
Not ready to grow up? This fall we’re seeing neon colors and the anime influence. Look for whimsical and graphic characters on skirts, “mod” dresses and flirty pumps. Graffiti-like lettering is also showing up in high-contrast prints making it easy to make a statement; fashion and/or otherwise.

Casual Chic for the Weekends.
Want to lay low and still look fashionable? We’ll be on the lookout for roomier Annie Hall inspired pants that can be tucked into a great pair of boots or rolled up mid-calf. Ticking stripes are also showing up in tailored shirts, skirts and blouses; a great wardrobe update that can be mixed and matched.

Preppy Look Updated.
We still go crazy for a plaid, so this fall we’ll be looking for a men’s wear understated plaid in skinny pants or an A-line jumper. Asymmetrical hemlines or lapels are replacing the traditional blazer and pleated skirt. The school bag is replaced by the double-strapped bowling bag or an updated lunchbox in leather or vinyl.

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