Using A Dimmable Soft White Bulb For Effective Lighting

One of the benefits of using the correct light bulb for any lighting fixture and lighting need is the ability to extend the life of the bulb, thus reducing the overall cost of replacements.

To move to a more energy efficient type of lighting, many people are turning to LED lights. These lights are compact, offer different lighting levels and color temperatures as well as being highly energy efficient. They are also bulbs that will last for years without burning out, adding to their value.

This advancement in technology doesn’t mean any loss of features for lighting. Those lights with dimmers are still operable, but it will be important to make sure to purchase a dimmable soft white LED light.

Watts and Lumen

The higher the number of watts on an incandescent light bulb the more energy it used to create a brighter light. With LED lights the measurement is in lumens, which is the amount of light produced. All LED lights draw very limited watts to operate, so it is really just the lumen rating that will be of concern for brightness.

Soft White

A dimmable soft white LED is preferred for home use. This provides a soft, natural type of light that has the same slightly yellowish hue of the traditional incandescent bulb. When dimming the light the brightness of the light will decrease, but the color of the light will not change.

The Dimming Difference

It is critical to choose a dimmable soft white LED if there is a dimmer switch used to control the light fixture. Standard LEDs will make humming noises and flicker if they are used with an older style of dimmer switch.

It is possible to upgrade a dimmer switch to an LED-compatible dimmer. With the infrequent need to change these bulbs most people simply choose the dimmable light bulb and leave the wall switch as it is.

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