Updating your Fashion Inventory with Accessories

by | Oct 17, 2013 | Jewelry

If you’ve become bored with your inventory but don’t have the budget to buy a lot of new clothes you can update your clothing inventory by accessorizing. Accessories can give your clients a whole new look and can also assist them in using summer faves by layering.

Jackets, Cardis and Tees
When winter rolls around and clients are at a loss for what to wear they can look through their closet and sort through their jackets, cardis and tees. They can see what goes well together and come up with a layering plan to get them through the winter. Their pants and skirts can be combined for some outfits that will work well for fall and winter. They can always invest in a new black jacket or neutral colors suited for winter and use this with various combinations. It will save you on investing in a lot of new blouses and pullovers, and you can direct them to the accessories and jackets you have added to your stock.

Scarves and Belts
You can find a lot of wholesale Jewelry Scarves and even find Wholesale Scarf Closeout opportunities online for a cheap and cheerful way to update your inventory. Scarves can be worn throughout the year with the exception of the hottest summer days. You can choose from a wide assortment of colors and patterns that will add a little punch to a humdrum outfit. You can also look to sash style scarves that can be used as fun, colorful belts. This style of scarf provides double duty and can be worn to update a boring tee or knit dress to define the waist or provide a little style with tunics worn with leggings. Muffler style scarves are ideal to wear with summer tees and even blouses providing a touch of style as well as a layer of warmth.

Leggings can be used in more ways than clients might think. Again, layering is always a fashion option for a trendier, artsy look. Clients can wear leggings with short skirts, long jackets and high boots to come up with a number of fashion forward looks. Basic black will go with anything, but you can stir things up with some brighter, trendier colors and patterns for fun. You can also add some knee leggings to your inventory for clients to wear with lightweight summer dresses.

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