Tips for Trying Out Sex Toy Kits for Couples

Conversations around sex aren’t easy for all couples. But if you want to try sex toys and you’re afraid to mention the idea, don’t be. These suggestions will help you and your partner be comfortable with sex.

Encourage Open Talk

First off, it’s important that you’re both open with each other about your sexual desires and fantasies. You shouldn’t feel like you have to apologize for wanting to try things, and neither should your partner. A culture of open sex talk will help you and your partner understand each other.

Say What You Like

Before you can shop for couples sex toy kit, think about what you like in bed. Which activities do you want your partner to focus more on? What toys or kits will allow you both to explore more of those activities or ideas?

Talk About the Toy

When you’re browsing through options for a sex toy or kit, go into more details about how you’ll both use that toy. Be sensitive to your partner’s thoughts and feelings, though. Do you think she’s feeling pressured to give in? If that’s the case, don’t push it. You can always bring it up when your partner is more comfortable with the thought.

Consider Cleanup

Before you buy a toy, find out how you’ll clean the item. Will this pose any awkwardness at home? For instance, if you have a shared kitchen, or bathroom, that means someone else might see the toys. Is it easy to clean and store the toy or kit? If you’re buying a sex furniture, for instance, that might need a bit more space than your closet.

Keep At It

Still, if it doesn’t succeed the first time, don’t despair. Try again. You and your partner might be surprised at how much better the results are the second or even third time around.

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