Three Tips for Choosing Quality Gold Jewelry in Schererville, IN

If you’re shopping for gold rings in Indiana, you may be confused by the variation in color, purity, and pricing. Are more karats better? Is an affordable ring just as good as an expensive one? Whether you’re buying wedding bands, a class ring or just something nice for yourself, consider these three tips to help you choose quality gold jewelry.

Balance Purity and Durability

You might think that a 24-karat pure gold ring is the best choice, but the purest gold is also the softest and most fragile. If your ring will be subjected to a lot of wear and tear, a less pure gold that’s strengthened with other metals may be a better choice.

Consider Color

It wasn’t long ago that gold was always gold, but you can find many colors of gold rings in Indiana today. From white to rose and even black, there is a shade of gold jewelry for everyone.

Don’t Get Scammed

Because gold is so valuable, fake jewelry and scams are common. Avoid getting ripped off by checking for the hallmark on the piece and only shopping from reputable retailers. Never buy gold from pawn shops or online auctions.

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