Things to Consider Before Purchasing a BB Sniper Rifle

Imagine you and your team are in the thick of battle with your opposing team and things are not going so good for your team. Pellets are flying in fast and in volleys from across the battle ground bringing your mates down. Around you and behind your defense lines, your teammates are finding it extremely difficult to hold their ground in the face of this onslaught.

It looks like your opposition has a secret weapon in their team arsenal that you don’t. They have a couple of their mates with BB sniper rifles shooting your mates down from well camouflaged positions.

Things to Consider Before Purchase

  • What type of gun do you need to use to support your fighting style for the wargame?

    • Purchase a gun that will be effective for the applicable short-range or long-range required.

  • What type of propellant gas do you use for your gun.

    • BB sniper rifles fire their pellets over long straight paths and therefore need to be ejected with considerable force from the gun barrel.

  • The climatic conditions when you are playing your wargame, as your pellets are gas-propelled.

    • Gas expands in warm and hot conditions and consequent pressure in aerosols increase, so your equipment needs to be adjusted accordingly to use lower power to eject pellets.

    • This is the opposite in winter and equipment needs to be adjusted to higher power.

Your Supplier

At Airsoft GI you will find a great selection of BB sniper rifles that you can use to bring down your opposition before they know what hit them. The advantage of using this type of rifle is that you can camouflage yourself very well while in action and strike your opponent from a distance.

Airsoft GI is one of the largest Airsoft distributors in the US and have retail outlets in California, Virginia, and Texas. You are welcome to contact them by phone on (909) 869-0671 in CA, (804) 447-3334 in VA, (469) 362-8779 in TX.

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