The Signs of Needing a New Atomizer

by | Mar 18, 2016 | Shopping

Vaping is becoming very, very big – and it isn’t just a fad. For one, vapers save more than 50 percent compared to regular smokers, according to statistics reported by Vapor4Life. As the UK government pointed out, vaping is up to 95 percent less dangerous than smoking.

When you’re new to vaping, the most important aspect of enjoying a good vape experience is understanding how it works – and the most basic explanation is the relationship between e-liquids and atomizer coils.

First Of All, What Is An Atomizer?

The atomizer is the portion of the e-cigarette that actually turns the e-liquid into vapor. They come in two versions: single-coil and dual-coil. The difference is that one atomizer coil heats the e-liquid with a single coil, and the other has two heating elements.

The coils themselves are essentially thin heat-conducting wires. The casing of the atomizer contains the coil, and the material used to heat the coil is the wick – usually, this is cotton.

Since the wicking material and the coils within an atomizer can age considerably with constant use, the atomizer is usually the element of an e-cigarette that gets replaced, whether it’s a disposable e-cigarette or a more durable one.

What You Should Look Out For

Atomizers degrade slowly (unless there is a manufacturing error), and there are some very concrete signs to watch out for.

Poor vapor production- When you no longer get the same amount of vapor from your set-up despite having a full tank, it’s likely that something is wrong with your atomizer.

Changes in taste- As the coil ages, its metallic taste can also interfere with the flavor of the vapor.

Leaking liquid- As an atomizer loses efficiency, it begins to fail to adequately heat up the e-liquid that the tank sends its way. When this happens, you’ll begin to actually taste the e-liquid on your tongue, rather than the vapor it’s meant to produce. This means your atomizer has been flooded, and it’s usually also coupled with some awful gargling noises.

Replacing your Atomizer

The important step to replacing an atomizer is finding the right replacement for your setup. Depending on your tank and its size, your atomizer may not need to be replaced entirely – sometimes, replace your coils with an IClear 30s Coil Head unit can be enough.

Coil heads are easily attachable and can drastically improve your vaping experience after months of using a single atomizer. You can find the IClear 30s coil head and other compatible replacements online, or in your local vaping shop. Here at Mt Baker Vapor, we offer a number of different replacement products to enhance your vaping experience – so pop on by and find the parts to your next set-up.

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