Skull Ring

All jewelry and fashion exists to enable the individual to express him or herself. Through our clothing and jewelry choices, we display our own personal sense of style to the world. For many years, skull rings have been a staple in biker jewelry. Skulls are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes or you can have a custom skull ring design crafted just for you.

The Origins of the Skull Ring
Skulls have been depicted in art and culture throughout human history, including in paintings, ancient tombs, and sculpture. This fascination continues with modern skull jewelry. The skull was used as a symbol of bravery by armies throughout history from British and German armies to Nazi symbolism.

Skulls were used in ceremonies in cultures throughout history. The Egyptians and Aztecs used skulls to symbolize the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. Skulls were prominent in Celtic culture and rituals and there is evidence that the Celts viewed the skull as where the soul resides.

Symbolism of the Skull Ring in the Biker Lifestyle
Historically, the skull was a symbol of mortality and death. In the modern biker and rocker lifestyle, the use of the skull in jewelry often symbolizes rejection of authority and societal norms in favor of a life of adventure on the road.

Skulls have a place in biker lore, such as the belief that a tattoo of a skull on the forearm enables a biker to cheat death. in addition to skull rings, the symbol is found on clothing, patches, helmets, and motorcycle accessories.

Designing a Custom Skull Ring
The skull ring has long been worn by men, but that has changed in recent years, as more women began to embrace the style. Today, skull rings are worn by men and women of all ages in a variety of designs from solitaire skulls to bands surrounded with small skulls. Popular jewelry designs include skulls with roses, skill with a cross, and animal imagery, such as snakes, scorpions, and wings. Skulls often have evil or menacing faces.

A custom skull ring is a great personalized gift idea. Rings are available in a variety of skull designs, including animal skulls and human skulls. A skull may be depicted as an intact skull with the lower jawbone or a skull with the lower jawbone missing, often known as the “death’s head skull.”

A talented and creative jewelry designer can create a custom skull ring to your specifications and will guide you through the process from designing the skull and ring band through creation of a 3D rendering of your unique skull ring design to the finished product.

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