Perdomo Cigars: a Family Tradition

Perdomo Cigars: a Family Tradition

Perdomo cigars may not be an old company, but it is one with a long history. For the Perdomo family, cigar-making is a passion that dates back three generations. For history buffs, the story is a good one and may add a little “flavor” to your next cigar. This brand is recommended as an excellent after-dinner treat or an accompaniment to an alcoholic beverage. As you mentally relax after a day of work, enjoy this introduction to what is likely to be a uniquely successful cigar brand.

History of Perdomo Cigars

Perdomo cigars are made by Tabacalera Perdomo. As an independent company Tabacalera Perdomo began in 1992 in Miami, Florida, but its history goes back much further. Silvio Perdomo grew up in Cuba and began an apprenticeship in 1930 that began his cigar-making career. Silvio and his son Nicholas were top executives of the largest cigar company in Cuba at the time of the 1959 revolution. Both Silvio and Nicholas, along with his son Nicholas Junior, immigrated to the United States.

While working as an air traffic controller, Nicholas Perdomo Junior began his cigar-making business in his home garage. The company grew slowly and by the cigar boom of the mid-1990s, Tabacalera Perdomo was producing a million cigars annually at a facility in Nicaragua. The family still runs this business and the next generation, Nicholas Perdomo III, is intended to take over eventually.

Varieties of Perdomo Cigars Available

Perdomo did several things that made his brand stand out from the beginning. First, while other manufacturers were simplifying the process and making milder cigars, he used wrappers grown in Ecuador and filler tobacco from several places in Central America to make a full-bodied and spicy cigar. Much of the tobacco includes Cuban seed stock.

The Perdomo brand is available in several varieties, which are also sub-divided by size. They include:

  • Perdomo Edicion de Silvio
  • Perdomo 20th Anniversary
  • Perdomo Estate Seleccion Vintage 2002
  • Perdomo Exhibicion
  • Pedomo Habano (Read a review of the Habano Corojo Torpedo blend.)
  • Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary
  • Perdomo Reserve Champagne Noir
  • Perdomo Reserve Champagne Sun Grown
  • Perdomo Grand Cru 2006
  • Perdomo 2
  • Perdomo Lot 23
  • Nick’s Sticks
  • Perdomo Freso
  • Bugatti

Shopping for Perdomo Cigars

If you are in the market for a Perdomo cigar, has a wide selection available. Choose from single cigars, five packs, and boxed collections. Boxes will contain 20 or 24 cigars, depending on the specific variety. Perdomo cigars are generally considered to be a balance between the high-end and budget cigar, providing a reasonably good smoke for an affordable price. This makes them appealing to the everyday smoker, as well as individuals who are looking for something a little nicer for a celebration or other special occasion.

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