Need Cash? Gold Buyers will Purchase Old Necklaces and Other Jewelry

Need Cash? Gold Buyers will Purchase Old Necklaces and Other Jewelry

Anyone can find themselves short on cash. It is often difficult for people with a bad credit history to get a bank loan or to use credit cards. Given the price of gold, people who need money should take a look in their jewelry boxes. People accumulate jewelry and may be surprised at how much they have. It doesn’t have to be in good condition. Old gold necklaces with broken clasps or out-of-style jewelry can be sold for scrap metal. Gold Buyers will even purchase gold dental fillings. Gold watches and coins can also be sold at top prices.

People may see television advertisements where gold refineries tell people to mail in their gold and get money mailed back to them. Once they have mailed the envelope they have lost control of the process and are not guaranteed the best price. Having an appraiser at the Platinum & Gold Jewelry store appraise the item in person is a much better option. If the person doesn’t agree with the appraisal, they are free to sell their gold elsewhere. However, the appraisers at this store have over 20 years of experience and are known for their fairness. They will explain every step in the appraisal process.

Extremely accurate scales are used to measure the jewelry. Tests are conducted to rate the quality of gold. This usually varies from 10-karat to 24-karat gold. The higher the number the more valuable the gold. Scrap metal dealers stop at this point and base their appraisal on these two factors. However, a jeweler is also interested in the artistic quality of the piece. If they find a piece by a famous jewelry designer or made in a popular style, they will sell it in their showroom. This enables the Gold Buyers to pay above the scrap metal price.

People can be embarrassed at the thought of selling a family heirloom or their wedding ring. They can be assured that their transaction will be handled with discretion and kept confidential. If a friend does see their car in the parking lot, they won’t know if they are buying or selling jewelry.

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