How to Buy Battle-Ready Katanas

by | Nov 21, 2017 | Shopping

The Katana sword was the standard weapon of choice used by the Samurai in Japan. It was the traditional sword that was used by elite warriors in feudal Japan. Compared to other ones, the Katana had a very distinctive appearance; the single-edged blade is curved ever significantly, and the sword has a squared or a curved guard to allow the wielder to hold it with two hands. If you are into swordplay and want to take some self-defense classes, learning how to fight with battle-ready katanas is an excellent option. Here are a few tips on how to buy one of your own.

The Price

Your average katana is relatively cheap, starting from just under $100. These are machine made swords with nothing special to write home about. However, if you are looking for the “real thing,” you must keep in mind that these sub-par swords aren’t even reasonably close to those. The original Katana that was used by the masters was forged by hand and were very carefully made to allow for maximum freedom of movement. If you are looking for high-quality battle-ready katanas, you can visit our website online and browse through the extensive variety of options that we have available. However, keep in mind that as the quality increases so does the price.

Comfort and Weight

Despite the heavy gear that the Samurai wore, the katana was pretty lightweight. As mentioned above, it was a sword designed to free up movement and allow for quick attacks. Therefore, you have to check the weight of the sword before buying. Do not buy a sword that you feel is going to be too heavy, as that defeats the purpose of a katana altogether. These are a few things to keep in mind before you buy a sword.

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