Design Your Own Custom Shirts with Screen Printing

Screen printing is becoming a popular way to help transfer an image you want onto t-shirts by using woven mesh and stencils. The process may seem a little intimidating at first however, it can be easier than you think it may be. You can custom design your own shirts whether you are creating them as a hobby or want to start your own t-shirt printing business. A great way to learn how to screen print shirts is by finding a company that provides quality supplies and services to help educate you on the technique used to print your own graphics onto shirts. From flash dryers to ink, you can find everything you will need to help successfully make your own custom shirts to wear or sale.

Process to Screen Printing Your Own Shirts

1. You want to select the design you want to be imprinted onto the t-shirt. Once selected, you will need the design to be black and white.
2. Your screen will need to be coated in emulsion with a thin layer until the entire screen is covered. You will repeat this process on the back side of the screen.
3. Once the emulsion is on the screen you will need to burn the design on the screen by using halogen lights.
4. Once the image is burned into the screen you will need to wash out the emulsion to rid it of any unhardened or remaining emulsion.
5. Once the screen is dry line it up properly on the shirt that you want to print the image on. Make sure the screen is secure to prevent it from slipping while applying the ink.
6. You will want to tape off the extra areas that are not covered by the emulsion such as the edges or any areas you want a different color of ink.
7. Pour the ink onto the screen and with a squeegee pull the ink across the design to pass through the mesh to the material. You will lift the screen and continue this process with each ink color until you have completed the desired image.

Consult with a Company that Offers Years of Experience and Knowledge

When searching for a company to help you get off the ground with screen printing find one that can offer you years of experience. They will have the knowledge and skills required to help you successfully design the custom t-shirts you desire. Whether you create shirts as a hobby or starting your own business, a dependable company can provide you with the quality products and services to start making your own shirts.

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