Custom Leotrad For a Competition

by | Jan 31, 2019 | Shopping

Leotards have absolutely experienced their heyday. At one point, they were a staple in every hip and young woman’s closet. Then, their era came to a close. The activewear fashion piece is still sold by some retailers today, but the leotard is more known and worn in the woman’s athletic world. Long Sleeve Gymnastics Leotards is a style that is popular, for example, among others.

Here are three leotard styles for your consideration.


While there are many reasons to buy a leotard off the rack, there is nothing quite like purchasing one that is custom made for you. First, you get to pick your style. Then, the color. Finally, if you like, you get to add embellishments. Wearing a custom leotard for a competition is one more way you get to show the judges who you are. When the competition is fierce on the talent-side, your custom costume is how you set yourself apart from the crowd.


Eventually, you are going to run through your routine in your competition leotard. Until then, a series of leotards meant for workouts and practices is best. These pieces are designed to be a little more flexible and plain. You will not have to worry about accidentally knocking off a sparkle or losing some glitter as you sweat, jump and prance.


Leotards meant for competition include more bells, whistles and flash. Therefore, they require more care. The quality will be sturdy enough to hold up while you compete, the style will aim to please the eye and the craftsmanship will be second to none. The manufacturers of competition leotards know what is at stake, so they put their best foot forward, too.

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