Call Enhancement Features for VoIP

by | Sep 16, 2014 | Shopping

If you use internet calling to have conversations with friends, loved ones, or even business associates, then you know that the quality of the call can make all the difference in your experience. When you have call enhancement features like echo canceller, speech dereverberation, acoustic noise reduction, packet loss concealment, and other great options, the call will be smooth, clear and understandable. But if your VoIP service is in any way lacking in the call enhancement department it will become clear right away. You will be dealing with the annoyance of echoes, broken transmission, slow sound or video, and sometimes a complete loss of connection. A quality internet calling service will provide features to keep the quality of your VoIP service at its maximum so you can understand the phone and video calls you make and receive.

Call Enhancement Features and their Functions

There are many call enhancement features which you should look for in a VoIP service before you decide to pay for it, because if a company can’t offer the call quality you need and desire then you should go somewhere else to find it. There is no point in paying for a service that can’t deliver services which should be standard. Some call enhancement features to look for and what they fix:

Echo Canceller. Echoes disrupting and garbling your communications can be one of the most annoying things in the world, and sometimes make it impossible to even understand the people you are speaking to. Every quality VoIP service should offer an echo canceller option, whether it be acoustic, line, or both. You can look into what is most appropriate for your situation and speak with your provider about what they offer, but there is no need to deal with echoes.

Noise Reduction. Many times when we place calls we can’t ensure perfect silence in the background, and this can make clear communication a real problem. Technology today has made it possible to reduce the amount of background noise which is transmitted when we talk on the phone so that our conversation is the focal point and not the noise in the back. This technology can separate voices from other noise and help make the conversation much clearer.

Packet Loss Concealment. One of the biggest challenges with VoIP aside from getting an effective echo canceller is a faulty internet connection which allows for packet loss. When this occurs, certain parts of the call may be lost in transmission and cause a choppy, garbled effect. With packet loss concealment, a listener can get a more complete and clear audio experience because it will account for packet loss and help to smooth the blanks.

All of these features and more should be looked for in a quality VoIP service. With features like echo canceller your calls will be clearer, smoother, and overall more pleasant for you and your friends.

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