5 Tips To Understanding Watch Value

Determining how much your watches in Arlington, TX might be worth can be difficult. Many things determine a watches value such as age and quality of the watch, condition, the materials, and the authenticity of the watch. Here are some more explanations on what to look for in determining the value of your watches in Arlington, TX.

Identifying Important Aspects Of Your Watch

There are many things that you must know about your watches in Arlington, TX in order to determine its value; you cannot just say you have a watch for sale and ask how much someone would pay for it. You need to know who made the watch (or the manufacturer), and if possible the model, grade, and any unique features about the watch.

Age & Quality Of The Watch

The age is usually easy to determine on American watch brands. The serial number from the movement of the watch can determine the age. It is important to get the number from the movement of the watch and not from the case since these two numbers may be different. It can be much more difficult to determine the age of watches that come from other places such as Europe. In these cases, the age will have to be determined by other methods such as the movement and how the watch was constructed and this is usually just an estimate. The quality is also important in determining how much a watch is worth. Is the watch made of cheap materials or was it made of the best materials that could be found during that time. A great way to determine the quality of the watch is to see how many jewels are in the watch-the higher the jewel counts the higher quality it is.

Condition Of The Watch

Condition could be considered the most important part to determining the quality of the watch. Just figuring out if the watch is working or not can be enough to add or subtract value on the watch. Other condition qualities that are looked at are the external condition of the watch, dents in the case, cracked glass, if the case parts align properly and so many other things. The better the quality of the watch, the more value it has.

Materials The Watch Is Made From

The materials that the watches in Arlington, TX are made from can add a lot of value to the watch. Look at the case, is it a solid gold, a gold plate, or made of some other material. If it is made with solid gold, it is worth much more since gold is worth over $1500 an ounce right now. Other things that might make the watch more valuable are gold jewel-settings, gold platting on the train wheels and other precious metals in the watch.


Collectors are willing to pay a lot more money for watches that come in the original condition. This means that it is in good shape and everything has all of the same parts that it was made with and that it is still in the same style that it was made as.

Watches Arlington TX hold a lot of value if they possess certain qualities. If you are unsure of the value of your watch, contact Pioneer Gold & Silver Exchange at today.

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