5 Gas Types for Your Airsoft Guns

5 Gas Types for Your Airsoft Guns

Choosing the gases for your airsoft guns affect the performance of your weapon on the field. So take your time in picking the best one, says Airsoft Society.

Gas Types

HFC-134A. Also known as duster gas or air in a can, this is the weakest gas on the list. It’s common air and usually found at plenty of shops. You can use this with gbb mags with no problems so long as you get an adapter. If you’re starting out with TM pistols, those guns go together with these duster gas like ham and eggs.

Green gas. Also called HFC-22 or top gas, most gas guns out in the market can use this without the help of upgrades—that is, except TM pistols which perform better with HFC-134A. Green gas, though, is just silicone and perfume added to propane. The perfume is added to counter propane which smells remarkably like fried onions.

Propane gas. Also known as camping stove gas along with other nicknames like Bernzomatic and Coleman. Gas used in camping stoves. It’s as strong as green gas, maybe even stronger in some cases. To use it, all you have to do is buy a propane adapter airsoft upgrade. Put that in place and you’re good to go. Don’t forget to spray some silicone oil inside the adapter every 4 mags. Sure, it could get tedious but it’s a more cost-effective alternative to green gas in the long run. So if you want to keep your airsoft spending under control, adding propane adapter airsoft upgrade to your gun is well worth it.

Red gas. Want something a little more dangerous? Go for red gas. It’s gas that’s specifically designed for use with airsoft guns. It’s a whole lot stronger than propane or green gas and comes with lubrication and scent. However, using red gas can cause your airsoft guns to degrade prematurely. Another caveat: you won’t be able to use the red gas with some airsoft guns so it’s better to check in advance if yours is compatible with the gas before you buy the gas.

CO2. Also known as black gas, this is the strongest type of gas you can use with your airsoft gun. However, make sure your gun is compatible with CO2. Even if it is, you’ll have to remember that the gas will likely degrade your gun much faster than normal. Also, you’ll need to have special CO2 mags at the ready because the canister is inserted in the actual magazine in this case.

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