4 Tips for a Successful Puppy Potty Training

If you live in a condo or small unit and it’s not always convenient to let your puppies out, then you’ll need to consider potty training while indoors. Here are some tips to make the training sessions easier for your dogs.

Pick the Right Training Pads

When you check out options, consider the size and absorption rate of the indoor potty pads for dogs that are available to you. For instance, dogs of a bigger breed will definitely need heavy-duty pads well able to absorb all the pee. Small breeds of dogs are better for small training pads. Don’t buy the huge ones, thinking to cut them in half. You’ll only destroy the lining. Just get the ones that are right for the size of your dogs.

Introduce Your Puppy to the Pads

This will take time, so be patient. But if you train your puppy diligently every day, then it won’t be long before your pet is using the pads whenever they have to go. One way to help with the consistent training is to say the same command. That way, every time your pets hear “go potty,” they’ll know what that means and they’ll know where to go.

Anticipate Potty Time

When are your puppies likely to go? They usually potty after they sleep, eat, or drink. And yes, even after playing. After your puppy does all these things, pick them up and put them on the potty pad. Do it often enough and they’ll recognize the gesture and know what to do. With further training, your dog will go to the pads without you even bringing them anymore. When that happens, you’ll know that your training has succeeded.

Reward with Treats

When your puppies finally learn to use the potty pads themselves, then reward them. Use treats PetsWorld Inc Online Pet Supply.

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