4 Things to Know About Buying a Water Descaler System

4 Things to Know About Buying a Water Descaler System

Purchasing a residential water descaler is an important decision. You ultimately want your system to work, be dependable, and combat the problem of hard water and lime scale permanently. If you are ready to invest in a water descaler, it’s time to make some buying decisions to make sure you select the right system for you. You need to know four important facts when it comes to choosing a water descaler for your home.

The Lifespan. The lifespan means the approximate amount of time or number of years the descaling unit will last. Typically a water softener will last for anywhere from 5 to 10 years, but a water descaler lasts longer. It should last between 20 to 25 years. The lifespan matter for a water descaler system because you won’t have to replace the unit often. This will save you time and money in the long run.

The Setup. Really get a good idea of the setup process. Pay attention to how long it will take, what parts and components are necessary, and whether installers will have to go into your main water line. A water descaler units should be pain-free and intrusive-free when it comes to your plumbing system and actual water. The system should go on the outside of your plumbing or pipes, and then the largest part of the unit is typically mounted to the wall. Make sure the water descaler system that you choose mounts outside of your main water line, making for an easy set-up process.

No Chemicals? There are no other items, solutions, or chemicals needed if you decide that a water descaler is right for you. Salt is not required either. You don’t have to worry about ingesting contaminated water or inhaling fumes. Confirm that your descaling system is chemical-free or else look into alternative units.

The Maintenance. There are water descaler systems on the market that are fuss-free. This means that there is absolutely no maintenance involved or required after the water descaler system is installed. There are no cleaning, regular checkups, or inspections necessary with most water descaler units.

You definitely want to protect your home from lime scale buildup so equipment and appliances remain in working order. Make sure you’re satisfied with your final selection. When you’re ready to invest in a water descaler know the facts so you can select the system that is perfect for your home.

Want to learn more about your options when choosing a water descaler for your home? We provide residential, commercial, and industrial products to meet your needs and fight against hard water problems. Contact our office today for more information on our products.

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