The Old Fashioned Tobacconist VS The Online Tobacco Shop

The Old Fashioned Tobacconist VS The Online Tobacco Shop

In its early days; the internet started to make changes in many people’s working lives and habits; old jobs were changed but not really replaced and a whole collection of new jobs appeared; literally out of the clouds. Outside of work; those with a home PC found that their communication options with the rest of the world had been improved but this was not really a major change in lifestyle.

Then; The Revolution Took Off

OK; it is computers that make it all possible; but, now that we have access to so many forms of internet connectivity and have the ability to go online almost anywhere at any time we choose; the internet definitely has changed our lives. We visit our banks less often now that we bank online; we submit all sorts of forms and applications through the internet; communication has gone way beyond email now we have social networks and VOIP; and, once we got secure internet payment systems; we no longer needed to visit shops in order to buy things. This last aspect has been something of a boon for those amongst us who still indulge in tobacco products; especially those of a more exotic nature (such as pipe tobacco; hand rolling tobacco; cigars and, even the new electronic cigarettes); all of which we can now buy from an Online Tobacco Shop.

So, What’s So Special About That?

Surely the tobacconist shop on Main Street can provide all that? You know, the one with a wooden Indian outside that has been in business almost as long as the town has existed. The one that brings in barrels of different tobaccos (Virginia Burley, Black Cavendish, Black Perique from the Louisiana bayous; even tobaccos from far off places like Zimbabwe, Thailand or Cyprus Latika; etc.etc.). The one that probably also makes cigars on their premises?

All of which was true; and would be fine today; if such shops were still easy to find; but, unfortunately, many of them are no longer in business. The general decline of small family shops; the spread of malls and hypermarkets; staff shortages; all of these factors are a part of the general demise of many tobacconists. And, if this wasn’t enough; they had to cope with the effects of legislation brought in by the anti-smoking lobbies – no advertising and no open display; etc.etc.

With specialist tobacconists becoming so hard to find; it is not that the Online Tobacco Shop put them out of business. They were never in a direct fight; rather the Online Tobacco Shop came to the rescue of the more discerning smoker.


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