Selecting Between Screen Printing and Embroidery in Tampa for Custom Apparel

by | Mar 25, 2015 | Shopping

When choosing promotional clothing for your business or charity, you will need to decide between screen printing and embroidery to add graphics, the logo and the name of your organization. The company customizing your apparel should be able to advise you on the best method to use for printing this information. Their suggestion could be based on:

1. The type of apparel you’re buying.

2. Your budget for the purchase.

3. The material of the apparel.

The Type of Apparel

The decision to use custom embroidery in Tampa, also known as screen, or silk screen, printing, will depend on the type of apparel you are buying for your business or charity. If you are buying several hundred tee shirts for your organization, screen printing is the best method for adding logos, names or graphics to them.

Screen printing adheres to cotton tee shirts better and the process is much less expensive than embroidering. In addition, while you can embroider a tee shirt, it isn’t as durable as screen printing. Screen printing will hold up wash after wash, but embroidered cotton will eventually become loose and start to fray, or it could tear a hole in the fabric.

For polo shirts, sweatshirts or caps, embroidery is a good choice for a smaller logos or graphics on the apparel. Embroidered logos and lettering on this type of apparel is less likely to fade and it will stand out better than screen printing.

Your Budget Considerations

Most organizations have to take their budget into account when they are choosing promotional apparel for their business or charity. Screen printed tee shirts, caps and sweatshirts are going to be less expensive than items that are embroidered. If you are buying these items by the hundreds on a limited budget, then screen printing would be less expensive based on the apparel you are buying.

Material of the Apparel

If your material is thick, rough or fuzzy, like fleece, embroidering is the best choice for applying a logo and names to your apparel. Custom appliqués, chenille or 3-D images will also work well on these materials. With modern machinery, embroidering apparel is easy to do quickly, and you can stock your apparel in just a few days.

The cost of using embroidery is more expensive than screen printing, but for some apparel and materials, it simply looks better and more professional. The number of stitches used for the logo and writing will determine how much your order will cost, along with the apparel you purchase.

There are some clothing items in which screen printing makes more sense than embroidering. Consider your budget, the apparel you’re buying and the material you select for clothing you wish to customize.

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