Let God be your Marriage Counsellor

Let God be your Marriage Counsellor

When you take your wedding vows it is very possible the officiator at your wedding begins by stating that marriage is not something you enter into lightly. Today it seems some people look at marriage as nothing more than an opportunity to buy a nice dress and have a party. Marriage is a sacred vow made before God, but it is also a life long bond that should bring you much joy and the chance to share your love with children. When you are running into difficulty in your marriage your faith can be of great comfort. It is also a time Reverend Jordan advises asking for a Free Word Of Prophecy to offer inspiration and guidance to you and your spouse.

God is the ultimate marriage counsellor as no one takes your vows more seriously. God has the love you need to help you get though hurdles together. You will be able to try a number of techniques that will help you strengthen your bond with each other while deepening your bond with God to get you through hard times.

One of the best ways to turn to God to help with your marriage is to pray with great sincerity for your spouse. Instead of focusing on yourself and what you feel is your hardship praying for God to offer guidance and love to your spouse will strengthen your love for them.  You can ask for things such as allowing them to see how much you love them, allowing them to use God’s love to make it back to you or allowing them to pray for you in turn.

Praying with your spouse is another way to strengthen your bond with each other. Much as you would spend time to discuss your issues with a marriage counsellor, praying together for guidance will help you keep your union strong. God might not help you with words, but he will with actions. As you pray together you will feel his love through you and into each other.

Finally using God’s word to keep you grounded as a couple is an excellent way to use your faith to stay connected with each other. Remembering to use the basis of Christian lifestyles to keep each other happy will go a long way to keeping you close.

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