Discount Formal Gowns

Discount Formal Gowns

Not all parties are alike. There are several types of social events, but there are two very special parties where only a formal gown will do, called Black Tie and White Tie affairs. Formal gowns for any event can be purchased at a discount price.

The Black Tie Affair

When an invitation comes for a Black Tie affair, the required attire is formal wear. For men, it would be a tuxedo; for a woman, it would mean a long formal gown. Although the Black Tie affair has been around for centuries and most people understand what it means, times and styles are changing.

East Coast vs. West Coast

There was a time that formal attire only meant tuxedos and formal gowns. As styles changed, it shifted to a dark suit and tie and long dresses. Now depending on the city, formal may not mean Black Tie. In cities like New York on the east coast, or Los Angeles on the west coast, formal may mean a black shirt without a tie. A formal gown may mean a cocktail dress or a long dressy dress, depending on the location. In New York, especially in the winter months, a formal dress may not only be long, but also have long sleeves. You will probably not find this on the west coast unless the material is sheer. In today’s world, the Black Tie affair can be either colorful or require all white attire, depending on the event.

The White Tie Affair

A White Tie affair is considered the ultimate formal event. Everyone wears white. There are no skirts or slacks for the ladies, and the only acceptable attire is a long white formal gown. Though it’s a fancy event, you can often find great dresses at a discount. Long white gloves will make the event even more special, as they give an air of elegance to the dress. Long opera gloves should be worn with short or sleeveless gowns. Shorter gloves should be worn with a longer sleeve gown.

Men have the option of wearing top hats and coats with tails. The top hat has its own story to tell. It was typically worn by royalty and makes a person feel like royalty when it is worn. The coat will also make the man feel and look like a Duke.

Can you picture it? A beautiful woman is in her long white formal gown (which nobody knows she got at a discount) on the arm of a handsomely-dressed man in a white tux with tails. Add the gloves, scarf, cane, and top hat, and it all makes the White Tie evening a night to remember. Lights, Camera, Action!

White Tie affair
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