Considerations When Selecting The Best Restaurant Napkins

To make money in any restaurant, it is important to create an atmosphere that is welcoming and warm and to serve the finest quality of foods and beverages. However, it is also important to keep your cost of doing business as low as possible, so that means carefully selecting everything from your flatware and dishes to your linens.

Just one of the many items in a restaurant that gets a lot of wear and tear are the napkins. Selecting top quality restaurant napkins that are both functional and long lasting as well as fit in with your décor and theme will help you to avoid constantly having to buy replacements.

The Fabric Advantage

When it comes to restaurant napkins, there are really two very different options. One is the paper napkin which is typically seen in family restaurants, delis, fast food locations, and in coffee shops and diners.

These are practical for these locations as they are designed to be single-use and disposable, but they also convey a certain type of dining experience that is certainly not what an upscale restaurant would want.

For these luxury dining locations, fabric napkins are really the only choice. There are, however,  different considerations within fabrics. Typically polyester napkins are considered the best option as they are durable, will hold their shape when folded for presentation, and will stand up to daily laundering for extended periods of time.

Colors to Consider

A good idea is to consider what other restaurants are using when it comes to napkins and table linens, and then decide if you want to use the same general color scheme and style or if you want to try something new and different.

A very traditional look is to pair monochromatic colors on the table, and white or off-white tablecloth paired with matching restaurant napkins creates a very soothing and classic look.

On the other hand, you may want to choose a bold color for the linens and a neutral color and design for the place settings. The tablecloth and the napkins can contrast or complement each other, and a lot will depend on the theme of the restaurant and your colors within the room or area.

Purchasing top quality napkins and tablecloths is a good investment for a restaurant and allows you to maintain control over decorating the table. Your customers will appreciate the attention to detail, and you have the freedom to choose just the look you want to create.

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